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3 Essential Items You Need During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Here at COVID-19 Essential Stuff, we want to help you protect yourself and those around you. There are easy ways you can help stop the spread of the coronavirus. The three essential items you need during the COVID-19 pandemic are facemasks, gloves, and sanitizers. And C.19ES has them all.

We pride ourselves in providing high-quality products. Here at COVIID-19 Essential Stuff, we strive to give our customers a rewarding shopping experience. We are driven by excellence. That is why C.19ES sells the best we have to offer.

Face Masks

One of the three everyday essentials you need to help protect yourself is a face mask. Here at COVID-19 Essential Stuff, we carry a wide variety of high-quality face masks including –

· Cloth masks (pattern prints, rhinestones, sequin)

· Disposable masks (solid color, printed with patterns)

· Kids masks (cloth and disposable)

· Face shields (regular and anti-fog)

Cloth face masks

Are you looking for a stylish facemask to complement your favorite outfit? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here at COVID-19 Essential Stuff, we have masks adorned with sequin, rhinestone, and silly prints.

· Sequin mask – Our sequin masks are stylish and comfortable. You can choose from one of eight colors. Or maybe get one of each!

· Rhinestone face masks – These dazzling unisex rhinestone face masks will make you sparkle. And with seven colors to choose from you can color coordinate with the entire wardrobe. Our rhinestone face masks are one size fits all.

Disposable face masks

Here at C.19ES we carry a variety of plain and printed disposable face masks. Our disposable face masks come in quantities of fifty-unit or one-hundred-unit boxes.

· Festive Face Mask – Show your festive side with one of our printed face masks. You can choose from one of seven festive styles. Each style comes in packs of fifty disposable face masks.

· Solid colored face masks – Our three-ply breathable waterproof masks come in five colors. You can choose between all of one color or a variety pack. And you can choose between quantities of 50-units or 100-units.


We offer our customers high-quality disposable gloves for their protection. Our disposable blue nitrile vinyl synthetic gloves are suitable for any household activity. You can choose between four sizes.


The third everyday essential to help protect you during the COVID-19 pandemic is hand sanitizer. Here at C.19SE, we offer Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer Refreshing Gel. You can choose from one of four sizes. Bottle sizes range from eight ounces to sixteen ounces.

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